Our workshop assists you throughout the design of your project. Firstly we invite you to visit our workshop at the gates of Paris to help you discover our job, its subtleties and its wide range of possibilities. By tests, samples and conversation, we progress together in the completion of your creation. Tackling the issues encountered in the development, our craftsmen will be a source of proposals to solve them and launch the realization of your project.


First deburred and then polished to make it smooth and shiny, the metal then passes into the expert hands of our assemblers. Mastering all the techniques of bronze working (welding, filing, cutting, drilling, tapping, bending, fitting, hammering, turning, etc.), our workshop frames the metal according to your creation. The bronze can also be chiseled or engraved to magnify its details and its rendering by bringing a whole ornamentation. Lastly, our craftsmen bring a special care to finishing and surface treatments.


Our craftsmen offer you a wide choice of finishing according to the many processes they master: burnishing, patina, wear, gilding, silvering, nickel plating, varnishing, coloring. Combining traditional techniques and tools with modern processes, Rennotte Riot is able give the rendering of your wish to your creation and let all your creativity express itself.